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Yin Deep Stretch

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by Lauren Eckstrom   -  

 Level: 1      
  Duration: 30min    


The shoulders and hips are two areas of the body known for holding a whole lot of stress and tension. Release this tension and de-stress by joining Lauren Eckstrom in this Vinyasa-style, Yin Yoga practice!

A Level 1, 30 minute class, you’ll focus on relaxation and stress relief while also opening the hips and shoulders and learning basic yoga movements. Begin the class in Child’s Pose before delving into Yin Yoga, a slower-paced practice style that involves holding yoga poses for longer periods of time. Most poses are held for five minutes if not longer, and benefits from this practice are many. They include a calming and balancing effect on the mind and body, regulation of bodily energy, joint lubrication and protection, improved stamina, deeper relaxation, migraine and TMJ relief, and much more.

Part of a well-rounded yoga regimen, enjoy this Yin yoga class with Lauren and advance your practice! Feel that incredible sense of relaxation that results, and allow it to permeate your whole day (and night).

 Style: Vinyasa     
 Focus: Relaxation, Sleep, Hips, Shoulders, Stress Relief, Basics

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