Yin – Short & Sweet

Lauren Eckstrom

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A Level 1, 20-minute class by Lauren, Yin--Short & Sweet is the perfect session for reconnecting with the self on hectic days. A Yin-style class, you’ll hold poses for five minutes or longer, as pace is always slower in such yoga classes. With a focus on basic movements, well-roundedness, stress relief, relaxation, and sleep, this class is ideal for those days that seem to last forever and everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Take a well-deserved break and dedicate some time to “grounding” yourself.

Lauren starts the class in Child’s Pose, and discusses how “personal” the yoga pose is, with some preferring open knees and the chest resting on the mat, and others a more compact posture. Child’s Pose is ideal for helping us slow down and feel the relaxation we need to enjoy practice...and life in general!

Join Lauren and take a “me” break today! Feel rested yet energized once the 20 minutes are up.