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Work on your stretching technique with this Yin Yoga class by Travis Eliot. A 40­-minute, Level 1 class that keeps you on the floor, you’ll focus on basic movements as well as flexibility and relaxation.

Class is designed to leave you “yoga­ stoned,” as Yin yoga is a slow­ paced style that requires holding postures for longer durations. Begin class in Downward­ Facing Dog and feel your palms root as you stretch out the back of the legs and relax your face. Find your breath, gauge how your body is feeling, and focus on being present before getting into the practice.

Whether you feel your stretching ability isn’t what it used to be or you simply want to dramatically increase your flexibility, Yin Yoga and other Yoga Collective sessions provide the perfect way to go about it. Increase your mind­ body connection as you work through this floor series with Travis. Relax, de­-stress, get flexible, and have fun!