Yoga Cardio

Travis Eliot

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by Travis Eliot    -

Duration: 40

Love Power Yoga, or simply looking for a new way to sweat and subsequently burn calories? Then check out Yoga Cardio by Travis Eliot. A Level 2+, 40­minute class, focus is on cardio and strength training, as well as super sweaty flow.

Work on your balance and flexibility while increasing your stamina and strength in this Power-Vinyasa class. Begin in Child’s Pose and take a minute or two to “set your foundation.” Travis warns at the beginning of the class that if new to practice, you may want to select another Yoga Collective option, as this session is very intense and includes “a lot of flowing, a lot of moving.” If you believe you can meet the challenge, Travis promises a highly exhilarating experience.

Take 40 minutes out of your hectic day to work on your body and mind! Get your heart pumping and the sweat pouring, and end yoga class feeling relaxed yet energized, not to mention a bit more flexible!

Style:Vinyasa, Power   Focus: Strength, Super Sweaty Flow, Cardio