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Yoga for Wellness

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by Lauren Eckstrom   -  

 Level: 1+      
  Duration: 40min    


A Level 1+, 40-minute class by Lauren Eckstrom, Yoga for Wellness focuses on basic movements as well as stress relief and a sense of well-roundedness.

Use this Power Vinyasa Flow class to cultivate space in the hamstrings. An area of the body where we tend to hold onto past pain and other “old narratives,” it’s important to work the hamstrings for improved practice and overall fitness. Tight hamstrings are a common problem for yogis, making it essential to incorporate hamstring-centric poses into your practice.

Energize your body with this restorative yoga class and reap the many benefits it provides. Lauren welcomes everyone to class by talking about using the session to “get low,” ground and center yourself, and otherwise turn inward. Start class by sitting cross-legged and get ready to move the body in a methodical way that’s sure to strengthen your practice, release tension in the hamstrings, and provide deep relaxation.

 Style: Vinyasa, Restorative     
 Focus: Well-Rounded, Basics, Stress Relief

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