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Cat Pose – Marjariasana

Pose Summary

Cat Pose is generally practiced with Cow Pose. Moving with the breath you would flow through these two postures. On the inhale coming in to Cow Pose and on the exhale rounding and coming into Cat Pose. This combination of postures is great for beginners. It is also a great flow to waken and warm up the spine.

Yoga Collective - Cat Pose – Marjariasana


Step 1

Start on all fours. Hands are shoulder distance apart with the fingers spread wide. The shins are hips distance apart.  The shoulders are stacked directly over the elbows and wrists. The hips are stacked directly over the knees. 

Step 2

On an exhale begin to press the hands firmly into the earth, drawing the shoulder blades away from one another and away from the ears. 

Step 3

Tuck the chin to the chest as the crown of the head shines down towards the earth. Bring your gaze to the navel. 

Step 4

Gently bring the bellybutton in and up towards the spine. 

Step 5

Inhale and flow into cow pose.


  • Lengthens and strengthens the spine
  • Stretches the neck
  • Strengthens the wrist and the core 
  • Improves focus, coordination, & stability


  • People with neck, shoulder or lower back injuries should not practice this posture 
  • 2nd & 3rd trimester pregnant women should avoid this posture