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Rabbit Pose – Shashankasana

Pose Summary

Rabbit Pose aka Shashankasana is a great counterpose to Camel Pose or other deep backbends. It lengthens and stretches the space between the vertebrae which ultimately leads to a healthier spine

Yoga Collective - Rabbit Pose – Shashankasana


Step 1

Begin by sitting on the butt on the heels in hero pose. Knees, thighs and ankles are together. 

Step 2

Grab the heels with the back of the hands facing outwards, the thumbs are on the outer edges of the feet and the fingers are on the inner arches.

Step 3

Engage the core by lifting the navel in and up towards the spine. 

Step 4

Start to round the spine and bring the crown of the head to touch the earth and your forehead to touch the knees. The chin is tucked. 

Step 5

Lift your hips and the butt off the heels rolling forward until your arms are straight.

Step 6

On an inhale pull on your heels as you round deeper into the posture.

Step 7

To release, release the grasp of the heels and come back to seated.


  • Releases tension from the neck, shoulders & back 
  • Stimulates the thyroid gland 
  • Promotes digestion 
  • Helps relieve symptoms of depression and insomnia


  • Knee, neck, spine or shoulder injury 
  • Women who are pregnant 
  • Back or leg pain