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Firelog Pose – Agnistambhasana

Pose Summary

Firelog Pose aka Agnistambhasana is a beautiful hip opener. It is recommend to attempt this pose only if you already have a certain degree of flexibility in the hips. For yogis that have a tighter hips we recommend you start with Pigeon Pose or one of its variations such as reclined Pigeon. This pose could be extremely difficult on your knee joints so definitely skip if you have any knee issues.

Yoga Collective - Firelog Pose – Agnistambhasana


Step 1

Come to Dandasana, seated on the earth with the legs extended out in front of you, the  spine straight, and the arms alongside your body.

Step 2

Bend the right knee into the chest and the bring the right ankle to sit just on top of the left kneecap.

Step 3

Bend at the left kneed and slide the left shin underneath the right shin. The left ankle is underneath the right knee.

Step 4

If you have the flexibility, slide the right ankle to sit on top of the left knee. The right foot will hover to the outer side of the left knee.

*Modifications:  If your knees are tender or your hips are tight you can place a block or folded blanket under the right knee.  This will give you more stability to explore the posture and reduce strain on the hip and knee joints.

Step 5

Try to get the shins to stack and parallel to the short edge of the mat. Both shins should be around at 90 degree ankle with the thighs.  

Step 6

Flex both feet and reach through the heels. Spread the toes wide.

**It is really important to flex your feet throughout this pose.  This will help to stabilize the knee joints, which is essential because of the vulnerability of the knee position in this pose (mainly to top leg).

Step 7

Root down through your sit bones, lengthen through the spine and the crow of the head reaches up towards the sky. 

Step 8

Bring the fingertips to rest next to the hips. If you have more flexibility you can walk the hands forward, folding the torso over your legs. The sit bones should remain rooted if you choose to do so. 

Step 9

Soften the gaze towards your third eye, the space between your eyebrows.

Step 10

To release, gently bring the torso back to perpendicular with the earth and extend the legs out in front of you, coming back into Dandasana. Repeat this posture for the same amount of time with the opposite leg on top.


  • Stretches the outer hips, glutes, thighs, calves and abdomen 
  • Promotes digestion 
  • Calms the nervous system


  • Knee, hip, or lower back injury 
  • Lack of flexibility especially in the hips