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Ujjayi Breath – Advanced

Pose Summary

Ujjayi Breath also known as Breath of Victory, or Victorious Breath, is a particular breath technique that is utilized during asana, or posture, yoga classes. The victory is that this breathing technique encourages the practitioner to be present and aware with what is going on in both body and mind. The breath should always be deep, slow and even flowing. If you notice the quality of breath has changed to a shallower , choppier version this is the body’s way of telling you to back off a bit. 

Yoga Collective - Ujjayi Breath – Advanced


Step 1

Begin to breathe deeply through the nose constricting the back of your throat like what you do when you whisper. Inhales and exhales are exclusively through the nose.

Step 2

On your inhales, imagine that you are filling your belly up with clean oxygenated air and on your exhales,  that you are emptying the toxin filled air from your belly.

Step 3

Try to lengthen your inhales and exhales but ensure the breath remains even flowing.

Step 4

Connect to your breathing, listen to the sound of your breath and observe the quality of it.

Step 5

Try to keep the same quality of breath throughout your asana practice!