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Ujjayi Breath – Beginners

Pose Summary

Ujjayi Breath also known as Breath of Victory is a particular breath technique that is utilized during asana, or posture, yoga classes. The victory is that this breathing technique encourages the practitioner to be present and aware with what is going on in both body and mind. The breath should always be deep, slow and even flowing. If you notice the quality of breath has changed to a shallower , choppier version this is the body’s way of telling you to back off a bit! 

 Beginners may find it awkward and will probably lose this breath more than once through their asana practice. The important thing is to just come back to it when you realize you have lost it. Eventually the ujjayi practice will become automatic and second nature during asana practice.

Step 1

Inhale deeply through your nose 

Step 2  

Open your mouth 

Step 3

Constrict the back of the throat as if you are whispering

Step 4

Exhale slowly and evenly through the mouth making a “haaaaa” sound

Step 5

Repeat step 1 – 4  a number of times until it feels comfortable. Observe what is going on/how it feels)

Step 6

After a few rounds of the above version,  Inhale deeply through the nose again but this time keep your mouth closed 

Step 7

Exhale through the nose keeping the back of the throat constricted, trying to make that same “ocean-esque” or “haaa” sound that you made with the mouth open

Step 8

Repeat the above a number of times 

Yoga Collective - Ujjayi Breath – Beginners