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Hero Pose – Virasana

Pose Summary

Hero Pose aka Virasana is great alternative posture to Sukhasana for meditation. It is important to be mindful of the knees in this posture in order to avoid injury or aggravate an existing one.

Yoga Collective - Hero Pose – Virasana


Step 1

Start in an upright kneeling position with both the shins and the tops of the feet flat on the earth. The hips are over the knees.

Step 2

Bring the knees together as you separate the feet to just enough space where you can sit your buttocks between them. 

Step 3

On an exhale gently sit the butt down to the floor or a block. You can manually move your calf muscles outwards to create a little more space. The ankle are next to the hips.

*Modifications:  For tight hips or tender knee joints sit on a block or some folded blankets.  Raise the blocks or blankets to a height that feels comfortable

Step 4

Ensure that you are not sitting on your feet.The tops of the feet, shins, and knees remain connected to the ground. The toes are pointed straight in back of you. 

Step 5

Draw the shoulder blades down the back. Lengthen the space between the shoulders and the ears. Rest the palms in the lap.

Step 6

Keep the belly slightly engaged as you lengthen the spine through the crown of the head. The chin is parallel with the ground. 

Step 7

To release, press your hands into the floor and lift your butt off the earth. Cross the ankles underneath you and extend the legs out in front of you to come into Dandasana.


  • Stretches ankles, quads and hips
  • Helps improve posture 
  • Alleviates symptoms of asthma
  • Therapeutic for restless legs by increasing circulation in the lower body
  • Reduces swelling in the legs due to pregnancy
  • Reduces flatness in feet
  • Helps to relieve flatulence


  • Knee or ankle injury
  • Anyone with leg or back injury  
  • Heart problems 
  • Headaches