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Easy Pose – Sukhasana

Pose Summary

Easy Pose aka Suhkasana is the most basic seated posture. It is a great shape to come into for meditation and deep breathing practices. Although basic, people with tighter hips may struggle to stay in this pose comfortably. It is important to be aware of your limitations and to never force your body into positions that are painful!

Yoga Collective - Easy Pose – Sukhasana


Step 1

Sit either on the ground or a yoga mat and extend your legs in front of you coming into Dandasana (Staff Pose). 

Step 2

Cross your legs in front of you with the right leg in front. Then place each foot underneath the opposite knee. 

Step 3

Bring your hands to the knees with the palms facing  up or down.

Step 4

Distribute the weight evenly between your two sit bones. Lengthen the spine and align your head and neck with your spine. The chin should be parallel with the earth as the crown of the head lengthens up towards the sky. 

Step 5

Soften your gaze and look straight ahead.

Step 6

Hold for at least 5 breaths and then switch the crossing of your legs.

Tips & Modifications

  • Hip & knee support: You can place a yoga block or thick firm blanket under your sit bones.  Having the hips higher than the knees will take strain off the knees and also give you more leverage to keep a long and straight spine.  This variation is also recommended for longer holds or meditation.
  • Extra Lower Back support: you can place your back against the wall.
  • Many of us have a preferred side to cross, try to avoid by holding the posture for the same amount of time on both sides.
  • This posture should feel comfortable and “easy”. There is no need to force anything!


  • Strengthens the back 
  • Stretches the knees, ankles, groin and outer hips  
  • Calms the mind


  • Knee injuries 
  • If you have tight hips elevate your seat with blankets