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Reclined Pigeon Pose – Supta Kapotasana

Pose Summary

Reclined Pigeon Pose aka Supta Kapotasana is a gentle hip opener that is a great alternative to Pigeon Pose for those yogis who are a little tighter in the hips.

Yoga Collective - Reclined Pigeon Pose – Supta Kapotasana


Step 1

Begin by laying on your back with the legs extended out and the arms alongside the body.

Step 2

Bend the knees and place the soles of the feet on the earth. Then make a figure four with the legs by crossing the right ankle over the top of the right knee. Flex the right toes and lift the left foot off the ground.

Step 3

Thread the right arm through the opening of the legs and bring the left arm to the outside of the left leg. Clasp either the left shin or hamstring with both hands.

Step 4

The back and head remain flat on the earth. Draw the left shin in towards the body as you press the right knee away from you.

Step 5

To get out of Reclined Pigeon Pose, release the clasp and bring both soles of the feet to the earth. Repeat on the opposite sid.

Modification & Tips

For tight hips use a strap or a towel in place of your hands.  Alternatively, you could also wrap your hands around the back of your hamstring instead of the shin.


  • Stretches the hips
  • Calms the mind
  • Opens the fourth chakra


  • Tight Hips