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Scale Pose – Tolasana

Pose Summary

Scale Pose aka Tolasana is an advanced posture. You will need to be able to perform full Lotus Pose first or use a modified position with your legs like a simple cross legged position. You will need to be able to have the strength in your arms and more importantly the ability to tightly engage your core to perform and hold this posture.

Yoga Collective - Scale Pose – Tolasana


Step 1

Come to seated on the ground, legs extended in front of you, spine straight and arms by your side. Bend the right knee, draw it into your chest, then guide your right ankle to the left hip crease. The ankle and top of the right foot should rest in that hip crease as the sole of the foot faces the sky. Do the same with the left leg. This is Lotus Pose. 

Step 2

Bring the hands to the earth on either side of the hips.

Modifications: If you fingers are strong you could try using your fingertips to life your body off the ground.  Using blocks here to elevate the earth is an even better option.

Step 3

On an exhale, press the palms firmly into the earth or the blocks. Engage your core muscles and use them to lift the buttocks and legs off the ground. 

Step 4

Keeping the strength of the belly stay suspended for a few breaths. Gently release down, change the crossing of your legs and repeat this process. 

Step 5

To release, gently lower yourself back down to the ground, extend both legs forward and let go of any tension in the arms. 


  • Tones core muscles, arms, and wrists 
  • Stimulates digestive organs
  • Increases flexibility in the hips and wrists


  • Shoulder or wrist injury 
  • Ankle, knee or hip injury