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Hip Release

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by Lauren Eckstrom    -  

 Level: 1, 1+      
 Duration: 10 min       


The biggest joint in the body, the hips take a lot of grief, especially if you spend most of the day sitting due to work. A common area for tension and stress to fester, taking care of our hips is necessary for both physical and emotional release. In this 10­minute, Level 1­1+ class by Lauren Eckstrom, you’ll focus on basic yoga movements in addition to hip openers.

Help your hips deal with working behind a desk, long commutes, etc.! Lauren suggests using a block or blankets for support, with the latter recommended to those with knee problems. She also asks you to notice any points of tension as you drop down into the hips, such as clenching of the jaw and fingers.

Enjoy twisting your organs as you move into different hip openers, as twists help you cleanse and detoxify. Join Lauren in this quickie session today and say so long to hip tension!

 Style: Quickies, Meditation        
 Focus:  Basics, Hips

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