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Neck Release

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by Lauren Eckstrom     -  

 Level: 1      
 Duration: 10 min       


Don’t let pain and tension in the neck run your life! A sensitive area of the body for many due to injury, personal history, and general stress, this gentle sequence is ideal for dealing with neck pain. Lauren Eckstrom guides you through a 10­minute, Level 1 class focusing on basic yoga movements as well as relaxation and stress relief.

Use this class to coax the neck muscles out of a place of tension, and pair it with Lauren’s 10­ minute Shoulder Surrender yoga class for total relief of pain in the shoulders, neck, and jaw. A restorative class that’s very excellent following a long day of work, use a block if desired for extra support. Start in an relaxing cross ­legged position and let all of the day’s worries, stresses, and to­do lists fall away.

Why go through each day saying “Oww, my neck!”? Give yourself this “quickie” gift and feel instantly better in only 10 short minutes!

 Style: Quickies, Restorative   
 Focus:  Basics, Stress Relief, Relaxation

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