Psoas Softening

Lauren Eckstrom

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The Psoas is one of the major muscles in the body, and responsible for stabilizing the base of the spine, thereby allowing it to flex. It also helps rotate the hips so you may enjoy complete range of movement. When the Psoas is stressed or strained for whatever reason, lower back pain develops and movement range is limited. Working this muscle is therefore essential to prevent lumbar and lower back problems, and to ensure proper posture.

Often referred to as the “flight or fight” muscle, the psoas helps physical balance and the release of emotional distress when softened. In this 10­minute, Level 1, Yin­style class, you’ll work on softening the psoas by shifting your nervous system into a relaxed state. Focus is on the hips as well as stress relief and relaxation.

Follow Lauren's gentle instruction and enjoy softening this often ­put­ upon area of the body! Relieve lower back pain and soften the muscle in merely 10 minutes. Have fun!