Reclining Hip Sequence

Lauren Eckstrom

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Feeling under the proverbial weather or just plain run­ down? Use this restorative 10-­minute class to lift you out of the yuck. A Level 1, reclining hip sequence by Lauren Eckstrom, you’ll remain on your back for the duration of this yoga class while targeting the outer as well as inner portions of the hips. Class focus is on stress relief and relaxation as well as this frequently tension­ filled area of the body.

A Yin­style class, enjoy working with Lauren on releasing built­ up tension and stress in the hips; use two yoga blocks if desired. “Dive in” to the body in a relaxed fashion and breathe your way through this 10­-minute session. Lauren emphasizes focusing on the breath because as she says, “the yoga will always take care of itself.” Forget lifting the head but instead concentrate on grounding the body into the mat. This calming hip sequence is ideal to do before bedtime. Namaste.