Shoulder Surrender

Lauren Eckstrom

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The shoulders are a great source of tension in the body, particularly for those who work in front of computers all day long. Rather than allowing daily tension to settle and subsequently build in the shoulders, neck, and jaw, try this 10­-minute, Level 1 class by Lauren Eckstrom. In this short shoulder sequence, you’ll focus on basic yoga movements and heart opening in addition to this tension ­filled area of the body.

A restorative class, enjoy it in conjunction with Yoga Collective’s Neck Sequence for optimal relief of stress and tension. Use a strap and a block for the practice if desired, and feel a fantastic sense of surrender as you move through each posture with Lauren. You’ll roll into the crown of your head early on in this practice for a deep shoulder stretch that opens up the collarbone.

Use this class on a weekly basis to rid your life of shoulder tension for good! It’s the perfect antidote to a long day. Enjoy!