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Yoga Teacher Trainings

Our immersive yoga teacher trainings are designed to provide you with the knowledge and technical understanding to begin teaching yoga and advance your personal practice.

Upcoming Yoga Teacher Trainings

At the Yoga Collective, we want to spread the benefits of yoga and wellness, and what better way to do that than educating yoga teachers? If you want to embrace your full potential as a yoga teacher, the Yoga Collective offers a wide variety of yoga teacher training services.

You can join us for educational yoga trainings in the Los Angeles area throughout the year led by our amazing teachers and taught at our home studios in Venice and Santa Monica, California.


If you are looking for an immersive experience then join us in Costa Rica for our destination yoga teacher trainings held every summer over a 3-week span.

The Yoga Collective’s mission is to nourish health and personal wellness and to establish a community of people who enjoy yoga. We seek to accomplish that mission by providing yoga teachers with mindful and thorough instruction, which will help you establish your own community of yogis wherever you teach.

Train With Us

Yoga is more than just stretching and exercise, although to the outside observer it may appear that way.  Yoga is both a science and an art.  It is meant to create a safe, comfortable and nurturing space for every yogi to explore their deepest parts physically, mentally and yes, spiritually:)  The ultimate goal is to achieve optimal health (which is an individual experience and will vary greatly from person to person) and peace of mind (0r at least an increased peace of mind).

In our trainings we will teach you the techniques and leadership skills to guide your classes in a safe and sacred space.

We offer several trainings with different instructors and focuses.

Trainings in Venice, CA

The Yoga Collective offers periodic trainings at our studio in Venice and Santa Monica. These 200-hour, Yoga Alliance-certified trainings happen throughout the year and offer you the skills you need to teach safe, effective yoga classes. Instructions will include information on some of the following topics:

See full details on one of our upcoming Los Angeles area teacher trainings.

Trainings in Costa Rica

We are happy to offer a special International yoga teacher training experience in the awe inspiring location of Costa Rica. This training package includes our customized yoga alliance approved 200-hour certification coarse, 20 nights stay at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa and 3 healthy meals a day. Enjoy in-depth instruction, peaceful meditation times, fun excursions and many unforgettable memories. Learn more about pricing, accommodations and in depth details on our Costa Rica Teacher Training page.

Contact Us

The Yoga Collective seeks to promote better understanding of the benefits of yoga, and we want you to help spread the word. Join us for trainings that will expand your enjoyment of yoga and help you on your journey to help others. Contact us today if you have any questions.