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Travis Eliot

“Get ready for a “Holistic Yoga Flow” that will challenge your strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. My class will be athletic but meditative. You’ll finish feeling invigorated but sweetly fatigued. Plan to sweat, smile and feel amazing!”

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About Me:

Travis was born in Houston, Texas and raised in Winston-Salem, NC. He never planned on becoming a teacher, he was happy just being a student. After attending a yoga retreat in Thailand he got invited to start teaching there. When the Tsunami of 2005 hit and he was forced to leave. He returned to LA and the rest is history!

  • 500 hour registered Yoga Teacher
  • Leads Retreats and Workshops Worldwide
  • Leads Teacher Trainings in Venice
  • Teaches in Venice at The Yoga Collective

 Q&A with Travis Eliot:

Free Sample Videos

Power Yoga Flow

Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II)

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