Out With The Old, In With The New

Andrea Jensen

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Short on time, but tight in the hips? Take 30 minutes for Out With the Old, In With the New, a Level 1/2 yoga class built around deep hip openers. Focus is on the hips as well as flexibility and stress relief, while class style is Vinyasa.

We carry a whole lot of emotional baggage in our hips, and this class provides the perfect antidote! A sweet and simple flow led by Andrea Jensen, use this class to let go of old worries, fears, and hostilities weighing you down, and make room for new, positive space in the mind and body.

Join Andrea on this short yet highly-effective hip opening journey that starts on the back. Close your eyes, slow your breath, remove thoughts and concerns from the mind, and enjoy everything this class can bring to your life. After all, why let old negativities hang around in the hips, or anywhere else in the body??