Humble Warrior

Rachelle Tratt

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Rachelle breaks down Humble Warrior. A Level 1/2 posture, Humble Warrior is a pose of surrender with strength.  Some tend to think that humility is the highest example of Love.  On a physical not this yoga pose with tone your entire body and especially your legs and work you deep into your hip sockets.  It will also open your shoulders and the back of the chest, a reminder to always keep your heart open.  Remember to be humble so release your head towards the ground and energetically release whatever is no longer serving you. *Modifications:  If you can clasp your hands behind your back don't worry.  Just place your hands on the ground to the inside of your front leg.  You may even drop the back knee to the ground as well. Watch as Rachelle guides you gently into your expression of a Humble Warrior.